Sunday, 4 December 2016

AVG Antivirus Free Download For Windows

Get AVG Antivirus FREE 2016 For Computer to help protect your computer windows and if you install a AVG Antivirus than its performing over work ,they can clean the all viruses of your computer and always your computer can fresh,the AVG also clean your operating system .its can up to date your files in your computer.AVG AntiVirus Free is a powerful antivirus,an essential tool that protects your computer against viruses,worms ,trojans ,rootkits, and other spyware when browsing online or going through email.The scanning engine is quick and powerful,and updates are performed daily.Scanning speed has been reduced thanks to the priority system that optimizes resource consumption.scans are put on high priority when you are away from your computer, and low priority when you are using it.With AVG AntiVirus Free ,you can also schedule virus scans ahead of time and choose which parts of the system you need to analyze ,as well as run separate scans to identify rootkits.AVG AntiVirus Free includes  LinkSanner,which assesses the safety of the websites you visit ,as well as links on social networks including Facebook or Twitter.Gaming mode allows you to turn off updates and or scheduled scans so that whenever you play a video game ,you don't experience any lag or reduction in frame rate.AVG also protects your privacy by preventing data theft.It analyzes the behavior of installed software and blocks any suspicious activity .AVG AntiVirus Free also includes File Shredder,a useful tool for permanently deleting files from your computer.AVG AntiVirus Free is very -friendly perfect for first time users.More experienced users,on the other hand ,will probably want to fully configure the antivirus through its advanced features.

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