Monday, 20 February 2017

uTorrent Latest Version For Windows PC Free Download

The uTorrent is a most popular Bit Torrent clients in a world .The uTorrent allows users to find,download upload and share torrent files can easily.It is by million of users all overs the world ,the amount and variety of files available is huge.It is particularly popular for sharing music ,games and films as well as other types of audio files .It is free to download ,but it includes adds.There  also a paid ,ads free ,version called uTorrent Plus available .One of the main characteristics of uTorrent is its simplicity .It is a very simple and small program that requires very little computer resources to operate .It is also very easy  and quick to download ,install and use,which makes it especially suitable for people who  have little to no previous experience using torrent.
 The search bar and user interface are customizable ,and it is particularly easy to search for whatever the user may want.
Optionally ,one can customize the saving location and can  also select only certain files included in the torrent to be download to the hard disk. Optionally one can also add torrent to the program's interface by manually entering their download link.While torrent are downloading ,the user can see various information regarding them,like the download and upload ,number of seed and peers and the amount of time left until the download is complete.
The program allow downloading more torrent at the same time and each of them can have its own saving location. Besides downloading torrent,uTorrent also supports creating new ones using any file and folder.This can be done in the easiest way possible .RSS feed can  also be added to the program's interface and can be displayed next to the list of torrent being downloaded .In this way ,the user can read various news while waiting for a torrent to finish downloading. uTorrent is a one of a kind torrent client which can handle any type of torrent ,offering a very good speed and rich functionality.
You can easily download this application from here.

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